Dispersion slots: what is it, how to choose, find and play correctly

Volatility is one of the characteristics of online casino slot machines. This indicator is also called dispersion or the risk level of video slots. The volatility parameter affects the frequency of winning combinations and the sizes of winnings that gamblers can get on a specific slot machine. The risk level is set by the slot developer during the development stage. The provider specifies this parameter in the characteristics of the game model.

Types of volatility in slots

Playing any video slot involves a certain level of risk. The higher the risk, the more you can win. When choosing a slot machine, attention should be paid to the dispersion and the return to player (RTP) rate. Three types of volatility are distinguished:

  • High volatility – the machine gives large winnings, but they occur rarely, mostly over a long distance;
  • Medium volatility – slots offer players decent payouts, and winning combinations are formed quite often;
  • Low volatility – such slot machine models very often give winnings, but the prize amount usually does not exceed the bet by much.

Low volatility slots are more suitable for online casino newcomers. Players don’t risk losing a large sum of money and can gain gaming experience with minimal investment. Slots with high volatility are considered very risky. Therefore, playing on such machines is preferred by professional gamblers and casino clients with large deposits.

How to play on high volatility slots

In the case of a high dispersion rate, it is recommended to place bets amounting to 1/500 of the cash balance. The higher the volatility rate, the more “empty” spins there will be in the game. In the characteristics of game models, developers specify the RTP coefficient and the volatility level of the slot.

If information on volatility is not available, it can be checked independently. You need to start the machine in demo mode, for example, 100 spins in a row. After that, evaluate the ratio of winning and losing spins. Winning on high volatility slots is very difficult. But in case of a win, players can expect large payouts. Features of betting on high volatility slots:

  • playing over a long distance – several hundred spins;
  • betting reasonable amounts to avoid losing the deposit;
  • showing patience, as the majority of spins will be losing;
  • having an above-average budget to wait for a win over the long term.

The player’s reward will be a large win. After this, it is recommended to end the gaming session and not risk the received payout. Prizes in high volatility slots can reach 5000-10000 bets. There are good chances of hitting a million-dollar jackpot.